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                                  Rental Information

Do rental times include set up or takedown?

All rental times do not include set up or takedown, for example, 12 to 3 means ready to go at 12, take down after 3.

Can I pick up, set up, or takedown my rental on my own?

Brooks Family Entertainment employees are always responsible for delivery, set up, and takedown. No customer pickups allowed for insurance reasons.

Is a deposit or prepayment required?

Deposit is required. We ask for the remaining payment the day of the event when the attendant comes to set up jump, cash or credit card please.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

We will communicate with all renters should weather be a concern. We will typically error on the side of caution if weather may potentially jeopardize the safety of the users. Once a jump is set up, full rental fee is required. We are not responsible for weather conditions from that point on.

What about your weather guarantee?

Renters can reschedule there event for another day.

What type of foundation can you set up on?

Setting up on grass is always preferred. Concrete or asphalt requires the renting of sand bags and tarps. Dirt and gravel are frowned upon and can be used only if ok’d by Brooks Family Entertainment prior to event.

Do I need to supply my own power and / or water?

Renter must furnish electrical outlet with one 10 amp-fused circuit per blower. Electrical outlet must be within 70 feet of blower. For water based activities a water source must be available.


Do you charge extra for delivery if I live far away?

Out of town jumps are quoted individually based on day, time, mileage, and labor required. Mileage fees are $.75 per mile. *Out of town jumps also usually require all-day rates.

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