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  • Playing laser tag as long as you want and whenever you want
  • Battle for victory against other teams with unlimited number of players
  • The laser gun tag can shoot as far as 130ft and has 4 different types of ammunition
  • Lights, Vibration and Sound, Infrared Technology are all in one blaster




Support Multiplayer

These laser guns could allow team work. Pay attention to your team players! In the way of kids' growing up, the capability of working with a team becomes more significant. Your kids do not only learn it from class or part-time job, they could pick it up in playing!

Level 2 Laser Tag

  • Laser Tag parties include up to 12 Laser Taggers. We can rotate players for large groups. Additional

  • ■Boys' & Girls' Birthday Parties ■Kids Parties ■Teen Parties ■Adult Parties ■Sports Events & Awards

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