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Disney Bounce House

Get ready to jump in the World of Disney bounce house. Besides just showcasing Mickey, the design is full of Disney characters. The art work is a vibrant print of some of the most popular heroes, princesses, and characters. With the popularity Disney, the World of Disney bounce house is hit at parties, festivals, and carnivals.  First check out the front for your favorite. Then take a selfie beside your favorite hero. Next, get on in there and start jumping. Players enter in the front where they can jump until they wear themselves out. Because the moonwalk is blue, it reminds you of a magic night of stars. This moonwalk can go with so many different themes. Likewise, adults can jump and have a great time too in this moonwalk. 

There are large mesh windows on the sides and back of the World of Disney bounce house to see the activity in the unit. It is a hit especially with the girls. The primary colors are red and blue.


Under 4 Hours Half Day , Over 4 Hours Full Day

Disney Bounce House

  • Specifications:

    Dimensions: 11.5L x 10.5W x 11.5H
    Total Weight Limit: 700 lbs
    Age Limit: up to adults
    Blowers included: 1

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